Parliamentary procedure is a set of rules for conducting business at meetings in an orderly and productive fashion.  Robert’s Rules of Order have been adopted by many organizations and assemblies, including the governing boards of
special districts, to help them establish their procedural rules of order and manage their meetings effectively. Using parliamentary procedure enables a special district governing board to consider and act upon the greatest number of issues in the shortest amount of time, while promoting a deliberative process of full and free discussion.

District Board Meetings

All meetings of the Board of Directors useRobert’s Rules of Order as a guideline and shall be governed by the Ralph M. Brown Act pursuant to the California Government Code section 54950 et seq. The public is welcome to attend and there is a period reserved on the agenda for public comment.


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                    Future Meeting Dates

Regularly scheduled meetings are held at 6:00p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at the district office located at 9429 Cerra Vista St. Apple Valley, Ca 92308

Five-member Board

Directors must live in the water district. Directors are elected by all customers of the District.

When the Board of Directors finalizes a decision on anything, from rate increases to Grant Funding, the resolution is given a formal designation and becomes part of the District’s official records.

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