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-Past Due Late Fee-                                      $20.00        If bill is not paid by the 15th.   

-Non Payment Red Tag-                            $50.00        If bill is not paid by the end of the month

-Customer Request turn off-                   $25.00

-Customer Request turn on-                   $25.00

Returned Check Fee - All checks*          $25.00

(*Plus the bank fee)

Lein Release                                                     Current County Rate

Will Serve Letters                                          $50.00
Customer Account Deposits                     $175.50

After two returned checks within one year billing period, the customer will be required to pay in cash, money order or cashiers check for a period of one-year following the second returned check.

Inactive accounts (all), Base rate, less 50% plus surcharge and Capital Improvement Fee......example ($30.38)

Our regularly scheduled board meeting has been changed from Tuesday November 13 at 6pm to Thursday November 8 at 6pm


The Mission of Apple Valley Heights County Water District is to provide clean, safe, dependable, and affordable drinking water in a manner that promotes efficient and reliable service within the guidelines and regulations of the State and Federal government.


We have sent out a customer service survey which included a section regarding online bill pay.  If you would like to be able to pay with a debit/credit card and be able to pay online, please call the office and fill out this survey.  We will need a majority of our customers participation in the survey to implement the ONLINE BILL PAY option.  click here, Survey.

Office Hours:  Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 3:00pm

Friday by appointment

$30.75 Base Rate and does not include any water

$5.00 Surcharge

$10.00 Capital Improvement/Replacement Fee

$3.70 per unit for 0-900 cubic feet

$3.80 per unit for 1000-1900 cubic feet

$3.90 per unit for 2000-2900 cubic feet

$4.00 per unit for 3000-4900 cubic feet

$5.00 per unit for 5000+

9429 Cerra Vista St.

Apple Valley, Ca 92308

760-247-7330 Office

760-247-7721 Fax